Egg, 2018. Graphite on paper. 17.5 x 12.5 cm
Cocoon, 2018. Graphite on paper. 18 x 12.5 cm

What is home? Is it an external place with familiar corners and marks on walls, or is it an internal space where we know ourselves best? Is it both? These two ‘homes’ are interwoven, each mimicking parts of the other. Shifts in the dynamics of space and relationships in our ex- ternal and internal worlds can challenge the comfort and stability of these two territories. Through automatic drawing and working with ink, I am exploring the boundaries and shifts within each, and open- ing up the portal that connects them.
These drawings explore cases, wrappings and housings with all their scars and marks of experience. Scars are residue of the past upon our outer protective surfaces and can be seen as a timeline of our history.
Marks and scars upon my house that I had created and lived with over the years were under threat of being fixed or painted over. It felt natural to me to create this Cocoon and this Egg to hold my memories, and my anxieties about the future.


©2019 Claire Barrett.